...and so my mother told me…

Children huddled around the town’s eldest survivor, Grandma Wellner. She pulled her knit shawl closer about her shoulders. Her youngest son sat beside her with his eldest great-great-grandchild perched on his knee. “The changes began sometime in my grandmother’s time. Man played God with diseases and unborn baby experiments. Later the world buckled, heaved, and then chilled.

“Hot poisons leaked from giant sculpted plants. We lost contact with the moon. Storms that are common today were unusual phenomenon back then.” Grandma Wellner closed her eyes, sighed long then glanced into the night sky. “So many lives destroyed. No one knows for certain where never-before-known creatures erupted from the dirt. Metal birds fell out of the sky.”

It must be nearing her Time. Elders could tell good stories but the closer they came to their final night, the more illogical the order of events and details. Grandma Wellner folded her hands. “Goodnight little ones. I must rest,” she said.

The next night Grandma Wellner told stories about people in a series of cataclysmic events. She remains with us to this day even though her ashes and bone are only two years cold.

What is “Mintz America”?

Mintz is the name of a character in one of my stories. This is story setting used in a modified Aftermath! game system. [[Pre-Ruin | Pre-ruin Culture]] loosely follows current timeline with the cataclysm involving a combination of factors from major, sudden climatic changes to man-made super viruses to limited NBC warfare.

Mintz America